DERMAREVOLTA is dedicated to nurturing the health and beauty of skin from infancy to mature age. The clinic brings together the expertise of its physicians with cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal results for patients. Whether addressing skin health concerns or enhancing aesthetic features, DERMAREVOLTA is committed to providing comprehensive care tailored to individual needs.


The task at hand involves creating a multilingual website for a Private Dermatological Clinic, complete with a content management system (CMS) and easy navigation to the various services offered. The website must cater to users who speak different languages, including Slovak (SK), English (EN), German (DE), and Russian (RU). It should feature clear segmentation of the clinic's services and incorporate AI translation capabilities.

  • Strategy

    Ondrej Zoričák

  • Design

    Ondrej Zoričák, Matúš Mlej

  • Client


Open Project
AI Based

Multilingual website with content management system

Multilingual Content Management: Implementing a CMS that allows for easy management of content across multiple languages. 


Accurate Translation: Achieving accurate translation of medical terminology and nuanced content was crucial for conveying the clinic’s services effectively in different languages. Using AI translation tools helped to streamline the process, but ensuring the accuracy and coherence of translations remained a challenge.


Technical Integration: Integrating AI translation capabilities seamlessly into the CMS and website framework required careful planning and execution. Ensuring that translated content is displayed correctly, and that users can switch between languages effortlessly, necessitates robust testing.



Navigation & Design

User-friendly Navigation: Designing an intuitive navigation system was essential to ensure users can easily find information about the clinic’s services in their preferred language. This involves thoughtful organization of content, clear labeling of menu items, and intuitive user interface.


Maintaining Consistency: Maintaining consistency in branding, design, and messaging across different language versions of the website is essential for building trust and credibility with users. The webdesign align with the clinic’s brand identity created by Matúš Mlej.

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