LinkResearchTools is a leading company in the world of SEO, renowned for its innovative solutions in link building, link auditing, and SEO monitoring. LinkResearchTools offers a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge tools designed to empower businesses and professionals in analyzing, optimizing, and strategizing their online presence with unparalleled precision and effectiveness.


A complete re-branding, marketing, Design System and Brand Guidelines, UX/UI, User Research, A/B Testing, Animations and Video editing

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    Christoph C. Cemper

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    Ondrej Zoričák

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Over the course of my four-year tenure at LinkResearchTools, I’ve had the privilege of designing a series of SEO Google Chrome extensions that have left an indelible mark on the industry. From inception to execution, each extension has been crafted to redefine user experience in the SEO landscape. With a relentless focus on functionality user experience, these extensions have soared to become some of the most popular and highest-rated tools in the SEO community. Witness firsthand how these creations have reshaped the way users navigate and optimize their online presence, setting new standards for excellence in the realm of Google Chrome extensions.


Ever since Google announced that they would not update PageRank anymore, SEOs and webmasters from all around the world have been looking for the best replacement. LinkResearchTools developed the perfect alternative for Google’s toolbar PageRank: the LRT Power*Trust Extension. LRT Power*Trust (previously known as CEMPER Power*Trust) is a unique metric that measures the overall quality of a page or domain. LinkResearchTools launched this metric shortly after the first Google Penguin update in 2012.

With over 100,000 downloads and a glowing 4.8-star rating. Link Redirect Trace empowers users with a visually stunning interface that seamlessly guides you through every step of the website’s redirect.

100 000+ downloads



LRT Power*Trust, the game-changing Google Chrome extension meticulously designed to provide unparalleled insights into the quality and trustworthiness of domains and pages. With extraordinary rating and a legion of satisfied users, it’s the ultimate tool for SEOs, webmasters, and enthusiasts alike who seek to evaluate the credibility of their online destinations.

8000+ downloads




During my time at LinkResearchTools, I’ve been a veritable Swiss Army knife of creativity.. Picture this: I’ve whipped up over 200 custom-tailored icons, more characters than a Shakespearean play (400+ to be exact), designed enough booths to host a carnival (that’s over 10!), penned over 20 eBooks (move over, J.K. Rowling), and dabbled in promo materials like a marketing maestro. But wait, there’s more! I’ve also dabbled in the art of video animations and editing, and even spearheaded a complete re-branding initiative. 



Ah, but let’s not forget the pièce de résistance! I also conjured up a design system for our browser extensions and the LinkResearchTools SaaS web application. Think of it as my digital masterpiece, a symphony of code and creativity, ensuring that every click feels like a whimsical journey through the SEO wonderland. It’s the secret sauce behind the seamless user experience, and let’s just say, it’s so good, even Google’s algorithms are giving it a thumbs-up!


LinkReserchTools SaaS Re-design

The main challenge of the web application re-design process was nothing short of an epic quest: integrating over 25 fragmented Link Research tools into one cohesive application.


My mission was clear: guide users through the labyrinth of link building and detoxing processes by providing a comprehensive list of SEO improvements, sorted by severity and impact. But that’s not all – we aimed to shrink the learning curve for new users, unveiling features like the SEO health heatmap over time, enhancing competitors’ overview, and simplifying the UI to ensure seamless navigation. With a touch of progressive disclosure and improvements to filters, we embarked on a journey to revolutionize the user experience, transforming complexity into clarity one click at a time.

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